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Himachal is a beautiful state offering many tourist attractions:

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Andretta Pottery and Craft Society run a Tourist Advice Centre (TAC) to collate and provide detailed information about the surrounding area. The centre includes a craft shop selling mainly Himachali products a cafeteria, an information room and an area for a proposed camping site.

Half way between the villages of Panchrukhi and Andretta, is a newly renovated house catering for tourists and the local population it is called the Tourist advisory centre or TAC. The centre is run by the Andretta Pottery and Crafts Society under the auspices of the Department of Tourism Himachal Pradesh. It is hoped that tourists may become better informed about the lesser known and very beautiful Kangra valley. This new venture provides various facilities. The staff of TAC are eager to learn from the experience of travellers who have journeyed around Himachal.

1) A Craft Shop - This concentrates on selling products and handicrafts from Himachal Pradesh. These include pickles and juices made by a local N.G.O. NEHA. Locally made herbal medicines of export quality. Pottery from the nearby Andretta Pottery. Shawls, which are a major craft of Himachal. There is a resident weaver at TAC. Orders can be taken for metal work from Chamba and the shop has a small stock of Chamba chapels. It is also possible to obtain Kangra minature paintings from a surviving member of the Kangra school of painting.

2) An Information Centre - This is a room for planning trips and looking at maps and information leaflets about what to see and what hotels are available. The TAC lies between the old shivalik hills and the towering range of the Dhouladhar Himalaya. There are opportunities for walks with stunning views.

3) Sobha Singh Art Gallery - Nearby the centre is the Sobha Singh Art Gallery where work by the famous painter of Sikh gurus can be seen. He lived in Andretta for 3 decades.

4) Norah Richard's House - There are other cultural attractions in Andretta, Norah Richars, a dramatist and environmentalist lived in the village for 30 years, through the time of partition until her death in 1970. She was a formidable and resourceful Irish woman, who built an adobe house in English style. She taught students from Punjab how to perform plays in her small outdoor theatre in front of her house. Her adobe house has recently been renovated by the Punjabi university Patiala, using the skills of local masons. The little theatre is still in use by the Punjabi university students. They perform plays every year on Norha's birthday October 29th. Anyone can come and watch the well acted dramas, sitting under the stars among the local village folk.

5) Norah Centre for the Arts - Higher up towards the Shivalik hills is the Norah Centre for the Arts. This is a recently built attractive centre designed by an architect from Kerala, the son-in-law of the famous artist B.C. Sanyal. This centre hopes to encourage artists, musicians, dancers and writers to come and spend time, hold workshops and interact adding to Andretta's cultural heritage.

6) B.C. Sanyal the artist - B.C. Sanyal who died recently at the age of 101 had a holiday cottage in Andretta where he used to come and paint, inspired by the scenery of this Kangra Valley. His daughter Amba is very much involved in the Norah Centre for the Arts.

7) Andretta Pottery and Craft Society - Not far from TAC is the Andretta Pottery and Craft Society, this is a working art pottery making attractive earthenware with rangoli style slip designs. The pottery offers 3 month classes for students. Also attached to the pottery is the Terracotta Museum. The main collection in this museum is the work of local village potters from the regions. But there is also sample pottery from around the globe including several pieces from Mexico, England and Holland.


Norah Centre for the Arts - Norah's Theatre - Pots - TAC

Norah Centre for the Arts
Norah's Theatre at the Norah Richard's House
Traditonal Village Pots from the Terracotta Museum

TAC - Tourist Advice Centre

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